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Digital Wallet Terms of Use

Last updated: May 17, 2023
These stipulations (referred to as the "Digital Wallet Terms") supplement your existing agreement with Verve Health Inc., which governs your account usage and interaction with the Verve application, as detailed in our Personal Terms and the overarching agreement (the "General Terms of Service"). Capitalized terms within these Digital Wallet Terms align with the definitions found in our General Terms of Service. In instances of overlap or discordance between the Digital Wallet Terms and our General Terms of Service, the latter shall prevail. Any separate agreements with your digital wallet provider (e.g., conditions pertaining to your device from digital wallet providers like Apple and Google) remain effective. Please be aware that transactions utilizing your Verve Card continue to be governed by applicable terms (such as those stipulated by Visa).

Digital Wallet Activation Process
To connect your Verve Card to your digital wallet, integrate the Verve Card into your digital wallet application on your device, at which point it becomes operational. Bear in mind that certain limitations on contactless payments might exist, depending on the retailer and payment terminal.

Digital Wallet Deactivation Process
To cease using your digital wallet in conjunction with your Verve Card, navigate to your digital wallet application on your device and disassociate your card.

Verve's Authority over Digital Wallet Use with Verve Card

Our authority to halt your use of the Verve Card with your digital wallet mirrors the rights detailed in our General Terms of Service to terminate, suspend, or restrict your access to your account or any or all Verve services.

Security Provisions
Our General Terms of Service outlines critical security measures — obligatory actions and prohibitions to maintain the safety of your device and account. These provisions also apply to the use of your Verve Card with your digital wallet. Prior to initiating your digital wallet, please review them. Under no circumstances should you disclose your security details, which include all PINs and passwords used to access your account or device. In case of loss of your device, please contact us immediately. If you switch devices, ensure all relevant data, including your digital wallet application, is erased. Should your Verve Card, security details, or your device used to access card details or effect payments be lost, stolen, or you suspect unauthorized usage or attempted access to a digital wallet, we require immediate notification via the support functions available on the Verve application.

Avoid initiating a payment session on any device over which you lack full control or possession. For instance, granting another person use of your device by allowing them to register their biometric data will be interpreted as a failure on your part to secure your Verve Card and security details.

Our Liability for Misadventures
Our General Terms of Service delineate responsibilities in the event of various types of mishaps. We disclaim responsibility for any malfunctions related to your digital wallet application or your device, given these services are not provided by Verve and we do not control the associated platform, digital wallet, or device.

Usage Fees
There are no associated fees for using your Verve Card with your digital wallet.

Personal Information
We encourage you to revisit our privacy policy to stay informed about our personal data handling practices. Please note that you will also be subject to your digital wallet provider's privacy policy. Both Verve and your digital wallet provider exchange certain personal data for various reasons, including service enhancement, information verification, and fraud prevention.

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