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Benefits for your global workforce simplified.

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Discover the magic of Verve: an all in one benefits platform to streamline admin and engage employees


An integrated benefits solution your employees will love

The only place for people-first companies. 


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Find and explore benefits on our curated marketplace for teams around different countries.


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Get bench marks and customize benefit spend with a  powerful set of tools. 



Easily communicate benefits to employees through an app and card, increase engagement and utlization.


Health Insurance for US & UK employees


L&D Allowance for all employees


Health Insurance

Avg: $2000/year



Avg: $1000/year

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Employee spending card for L&D 

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Employee app for Insurance provider

Employee spending card

Save time and simplify benefit expenses

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One card for employees to spend their allowances

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Communicate benefits easily through the app

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Regularly remind employees of available benefits

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Let them choose when and where to use the benefit

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HR dashboard

Understand where your benefits dollars are going

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Measurable ROI information on employee spend

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AI-powered recommendations on where benefits can be better spent

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Optimize tax deductible benefits, customized to your budget and your employee's needs

FinTech platform

Flexible and fast.

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Provide localized benefits for your remote teams without having to partner with providers

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Roll out new initiatives in a matter of minutes

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Automatic categorization of spend to minimize your admin time

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Perfect for remote teams

Globally scalable for the modern team

Save time and launch equitable benefits for your teams around the globe in a few clicks.

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Sit back and let the card do the work

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Say goodbye to receipts once and for all

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No more cash advances. Your budget is used when employees pay

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Minimize your admin time.
Maximize employee outcomes

Hear how other brands have used Verve as a competitive advantage


Chloe Zhu
Founder and CEO @Glowie


"I always struggled with analysing Glowie's finances and would just neglect this side of the business which was definitely impacting our profitability.


Verve's AI was absolutely game changing, helping us make the right decisions to improve profit that used our actual finances.

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Do people and culture better.

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