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AI-Powered Self Serve Analytics

Spend less time on ad hoc data requests and more on high-leverage, strategic data initiatives

AI powered search

Search your data from Slack

ChatGPT for data discovery

Find relevant dashboards, tables, queries, definitions, and visualizations in seconds with natural language

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True self-serve analytics

Serve your most repeatable, ad-hoc data requests automatically, business users get verified insights immediately, without the need for data analysts

Automated Documentation

AI powered semantic layer for business users

Documentation is tedious. Use our LLM to document data assets and translate key technical context for business users. 


Seamlessly integrate your existing stack.

Data Warehouses

Connect your data warehouse and Verve will ingest metadata and queries 

BI Tools

Seamless self-serve analytics with our Chrome extension that integrates directly with your BI tool


Existing Docs

Have existing docs on dbt, Notion or Confluence? Integrate directly with Verve and start automating documentation.

Data Catalogs

Connect metadata management platforms and enable business users to surface relevant insights

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Get answers where you need it

@VerveAI any data question and get answers over Slack, Teams, email or with our Chrome Extension

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